Passion and knowledge integrating – into a single recipe – people, the environment and innovation!

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Plant-based with purpose

In other words, we believe in the power of human connections for the benefit of a virtuous value chain that is marked by a rich biodiversity and the market.

For this reason, we provide ingredients based on initiatives to conserve forest stands, fostering socioeconomic inclusion and reducing social inequality.

Through consistent practices that are linked to our essence, we seek our partners’ recognition and other elements of the production chain we are part of.

In practical terms, this translates into a daily routine that takes into account:

Innovative Ingredients
Best ESG practices
Agile processes
Excellence in technical service
Social and environmental commitment

One company, multiple markets – this is Concepta Ingredients!

Our portfolio is currently prepared to meet the demand of the following industries

Food and Beverages
Flavor and Fragrance
Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals
Nutrition and Animal Health

Bio Abundance Program - You have to learn about this initiative!

For us to connect with producers and other members that are part of our production chain in an ethical, transparent and purposeful way, we created the Bio Abundance Program. This initiative is the result of decades of practices and systematized knowledge of a company that truly enjoys what it does! And this is exactly the reason why we obtained the following results:

+ 2100
positively impacted by the program.
is the approximate measure of the conserved territory.
Brazilian large biomes
in which we are present - Amazon, Caatinga and Cerrado.
Brazilian states
that already carry our activities.


Certifications and Recognitions

Organic Certifications

Because Concepta Ingredients serves global markets, we have the three main organic certifications – BR (Brazil), NOP (USA) and EOS (Europe). All these certifications ensure that our products favor sustainability across the chain, thereby conserving the environment and maintaining people’s health and social wellness.

FSSC 22000

The FSSC 22000 seal is an international food safety standard that provides product quality control, so as to identify any deficiency that might put the health of consumers at risk.


The Kosher certification is based on the Kashrut Laws introduced by the Jewish authority BDK. As a result, it ensures that products comply with Jewish religious rules in all production processes. Therefore, the institution responsible for the seal carries out rigorous assessments and only grants the certification to those that comply with all requirements. It is important to emphasize that the Kosher certification is relevant to non-Jewish people as well, serving as a quality indicator.


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