Processed Fruit Line Cesarin

Concepta Ingredients lauches a full range of ingredients developed by Cesarin SpA, an Italian company specialized in the production of candied fruit.

Cesarin SpA follows high quality standards using a traditional and technological approach to process fresh fruit into candied fruit, which are supplied in whole or cubes, in granules, low water activity fruit, standardized and of the highest quality. This process preserves the characteristic and organoleptic structure of the fruit.


Amarena cherries are dark and ready to use in cake and ice cream decorations. The fruit is immersed in its own syrup, which offers the natural flavors of the fruit. The flavor and softness of amarena cherries are preserved by the processing technology. This product has no preservatives, dyes or flavoring agents, thus ensuring a distinctive fruit taste.

Ripple With Pieces

Rich in fruit (approximately 50%), with the right balance between texture and spreadability. These are perfect to decorate ice creams and other desserts because of the fresh fruit taste and a pop of glossy color.

Special Fruit Fillings

These fillings have fruit pieces and are produced by concentrating its natural fibers, thus reducing the amount of sugar added to the process.

In view of its cutting-edge technology, the filling is stable, does not expand during baking and does not migrate through the outer layer of a cookie or cake.

Peel Granules low Water Activity Fruit

Stabilized, peel granules fruit with low water activity (0.6). Rich fruit flavor, free flowing facilitating use in mechanical dosages, and dye or preservative free.

Peel cubes low water activity fruit

Fruit with low water activity obtained by means of an exclusive production process that inhibits original fruit water activity whithout changing organoleptic characteristics. Without the typical viscosity of traditional candied fruit, the product can be dosed in automated lines. This product has a pleasant fruitful taste of the highest quality and stability.