Food Safety Policy

Food Safety Policy

CONCEPTA INGREDIENTS, a food division of GRUPO SABARÁ, builds its food safety policy based on Good Manufacturing Practices of Food and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP). In this way, manufactured products are ensured to meet customer’s requirements and the current legislation, complying with government regulations and protecting consumer’s health.

CONCEPTA INGREDIENTS is committed and engaged to providing safe and quality products that meet company, customer and domestic and international legal requirements. Food Safety Policy is described and approved by the Top Management and guided as follows:

• To ensure that the policy is disclosed, implemented and retained at all levels of the organization;
• To ensure that employees have the necessary motivation and skills to produce safe food;

• To keep all necessary controls and actions to produce safe food;
• To meet the relevant domestic and international organizational documents and regulatory requirements, which govern food safety in the most up-to-date versions, in accordance with customer’s requirements;
• To ensure periodic critical analysis by the management board, for continuous adequacy of this policy and the management system;
• To ensure the availability of funds required for the implementation and maintenance of the management system;
• To ensure the commitment to constant improvement of processes and products;
• To seek customer satisfaction, meeting their needs and expectations;
• To seek always for innovative technologies;
• To keep an interactive communication with stakeholders (customers, suppliers).