Nigay’s Caramel Specialties Range

A full range of ingredients developed Nigay SAS, a French company specialized in caramelization. Nigay has been introducing innovations in the art of caramelization for over 160 years.

Aromatic Caramels

The Aromatic Caramels range adds caramel flavoring to finished products. The products are produced from controlled sugar caramelization and are in the liquid form, with a hazel to dark brown color.

The product is ready to use as syrup and can have different viscosity degrees based on the addition of a thickener, avoiding the migration of dairy product components and caramel in desserts, thus extending their visual appeal.

Caramel Flakes and Powder

The Caramel Flakes and Powder range has different types and flavors of caramel flakes, Flakes are obtained from a controlled sugar thermal treatment together with other ingredients. Solid caramel is broken and sieved yielding flakes ranging from 0.5 mm to 8 mm.

Caramel Fillings

The Caramel Fillings range products which are ready to use in toppings, fillings and mixtures, adding distinguished flavor and texture to finished products.

Caramels are produced from controlled sugar caramelization with the addition of other ingredients, such as: milk, butter, honey, malt, chocolate, fruit extract, and non-hydrogenated vegetable oils.