21 de September de 2022
Arbor Day: Bio Abundance Program reinforces Concepta’s commitment to forests
5 de September de 2022
Plant-Based with purpose: At Plant Based World Expo, Concepta presents a portfolio with plant-based butter, Brazilian biodiversity ingredients and the commitment to the local sociobiodiversity.
7 de June de 2022
Concepta Ingredients announces partnership with Castro Óleos for the production of cold pressed oils
25 de May de 2022
Concepta Ingredients launches Bio Abundance Program and reinforces socio-environmental commitment to Brazilian forests
19 de April de 2022
Concepta presents its range of ingredients from the Brazilian biodiversity at SIAL Canada
9 de February de 2022
Concepta Ingredients presents the food industry with its healthy and sustainable Plant-Based Butter
26 de January de 2022
On the rise, organic food benefits health and promotes environmental protection
6 de December de 2021
World Soil Day: the benefits of organic farming
24 de June de 2021
Why should the population consume certified and organic products
6 de June de 2021
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