Cold Pressed Oils

Produced with high quality raw materials in a standardized process and a dedicated factory with an assured quality program, cold-pressed vegetable oils meet the needs of the nutraceuticals, functional foods and dietary supplements market.

In addition, cold-pressed oils maintain the characteristics of flavor, color, special aroma of the seeds and have a higher concentration of bioactive components.

Cold Pressed
Sunflower Oil

Óleo de Girassol Prensado a Frio
(Helianthus annuus oil)
Contains omega 6 and 9.

Cold Pressed
Sesame Oil

Óleo de Gergelim Prensado a Frio
(Sesamum indicum oil)
Contains high concentration
of linoleic acid and oleic acid.

Cold Pressed
Linseed Oil

Óleo de Linhaça Prensado a Frio
(Linum usitatissimum seed oil)
One of the main vegetable
sources of omega 3.

Cold Pressed
Safflower Oil

Óleo de Cártamo Prensado a Frio
(Carthamus Tinctorius
(Safflower) seed oil)

Contains high
concentration of oleic acid.